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Changing Lives


Susan Hume

Susan lives in Sudbury, Ontario and is excited to be one of the patients receiving FineVision lenses this May. Vision health is important to Susan because vision impacts every aspect of daily life, and is something we often take for granted. She is excited to share her journey and educate people on the importance of proactive vision care.

Post-surgery testimonial:

“Since having my first surgery on my left eye, things are continually getting better and my vision has improved. Thank you Bausch + Lomb for such a wonderful gift and I am looking forward to further improvement as time goes on.”


Sarah McCann

Vaughan resident, Sarah, has been wearing glasses for over twenty years, and developed cataracts at the age of forty. She is looking forward to enjoying the activities she had to stop doing, such as reading and knitting, while encouraging others to have regular eye exams.

Post-surgery testimonial:

Virginia Posadas

Virginia of Calgary believes that quality of life is largely impacted by vision health. She is eager to once again read restaurant menus without glasses and play golf without eye strains.

Post-surgery testimonial:

“It’s been three weeks since my first eye was done and two weeks for my second eye. I’ve got 20/20 vision for reading (both my cell phone and computer) and it is a great thrill not to need glasses anymore! I was at the restaurant today and I spotted a tiny white hair in my glass of Pinot Grigio which the server could hardly see!!”


Marion Grandy

At sixty-three years old, Kitchener resident, Marion, lives an active life that will only improve after her surgery. She is looking forward to enjoying the simple pleasures in life, such as being able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about her vision or glasses.

Post-surgery testimonial:

Lyse Smith

Lyse is a 67-year-old grandmother of five grandchildren from Repentigny, Quebec. She is incredibly excited with the results from her surgery and feels as if her vision is the same as it was in her twenties.

Post-surgery testimonial:

“The operation went very well and the next day I could see without my glasses. Now, after three weeks, I took a shot of “young”, and yes my vision is perfect like I’m 20 years old! I am very happy with the results and I invite everyone to choose these lenses without hesitation!”


Gloria Narcisse

Gloria Narcisse lives in Kamloops and is looking forward to seeing clearly again. She is enjoying life with her family, grandkids, and husband, and is especially looking forward to seeing her grandson graduate this year. She hopes her involvement in this campaign will encourage others to take care of themselves and their vision.

Post-surgery testimonial:

“I am very happy with it made it a lot better and clear like everything looks new to me like wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Jean Couture

Montreal-resident Jean Couture treasures his vision and hopes to promote the importance of vision care. Jean is excited to take full advantage of his life by being able to ski and sail without worrying about glasses.

Post-surgery testimonial:

“I am delighted with the results. Even after two operations, I still have trouble understanding how such an operation can heal so quickly, it’s instantaneous, you see right away, a real miracle of science. This trifocal lens is sensational, you can see as far as near, I’ve been rejuvenated 15 years.
I do not hesitate to say that my life is transformed thanks to this lens, WOW.”


Edith St-Hilaire

Edith St-Hilaire is an 83-year-old grandmother of ten grandchildren, from Montreal. After the surgery, Edith immediately felt her quality of life improve with her enhanced vision, and she now dreams of earning her driver licence and getting behind the wheel again.

Post-surgery testimonial:

“It is with real happiness that I write to you to say how much the operation that I underwent changed my daily life. By having almost perfect vision, each little gesture became so much easier and the falls of which I was victim, have disappeared so to speak. Having a clear vision puts sunshine in life, even when it’s gray. To have known that such a change would occur, long ago that I would have had surgery. I’m a happy grandma. Thank you!”


Yves Sévigny

Yves Sévigny is a father to two young men and grandfather to three grandchildren living in Montreal, Quebec with his wife. His eyesight is precious to him, as he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and watching them grow up.


Juanita Rivera

REV. Juanita Rivera is an ordained minister from Kelowna, BC. This campaign means a lot to her because it will allow her to continue teaching her students and give them the confidence that she’s fully available to them. She is very excited for her improved eye sight.

Post-surgery testimonial:

“Since my surgery I have been able to see as I did when a young girl. I am also able to drive again. The best thing about my new found vision is that I can read, write, and correct my students exams and can continue on in the life’s work that I love. Thank you so much.”